The God of Small Things pilgrimmage and more…

What initially pulled me to Kerala was definitely the novel The God of Small Things. It’s one of the most heart breaking, lyrical stories I’ve ever read – kind of poetry as prose. Anyway, I convinced Ben to go, and he’s recently read the novel; he’s not quite as obsessed by it as I am…big surprise there. Most of the story is set in Ayemenem, a fictionalized version of Aymanam in Kerala, where Arundhati Roy spent a chumk of her childhood. The story closely resembles her mother’s life.

We stayed in a place near by – another lovely spot in the middle of a rubber tree plantation surrounded by thick jungle. Sitting on our veranda felt quite like being in the novel, especially listening to the rain. I could imagine Estha and Rahel slipping away to Velutha’s hut to work on the boat. Mammachi is talking to no one. Ammu has silently moved to her room to listen to the orange transister radio…yes, I’m obsessed.

When we arrived to Aymanam, we were met by a local guide to show us the Arundhati Roy highlights. I was a skosh skeptical when he said, “This may have been her house…or maybe it was the next one.” Or “There’s the haunted house across the river.”

“Do you mean the History House?” I asked.

“Yes, yes…it’s been renovated though.”

Regardless, it was so fun to make a pilgrimmage to see the place where Roy found inspiration for her writing. I am so grateful to Ben for humoring me. Also, Kerala has far exceeded our expectations. Here are some photographs of the day: the church where Sophie Mol’s service was, the river, the pickle factory…

image   image


Enough about my silly obsessions, here are some photographs of what we have seen in the last few days: a jungle walk:

No tigers or elephants, but there was this guy:

And our place in the rubber tree plantation:

And where we are for the next three days – Marari Beach:

That’s Ben (his head anyway) in the Arabian Sea..

We’re having fun learning about everything aryuvedic – cool  stuff!!


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