What we’ll miss in Kerala…

Ben and I are sitting in the Mumbai airport waiting for our flight to Bangkok (and onto Luang Prubang, Laos) which leaves in about four hours (1:00 am). We are feeling so relaxed and thankful for our many fun experiences in this lovely part of the world. There are many things we’ll miss:

The people: Nibu, our perfect driver for two weeks (and our boat driver behind him) –

Ashwin Advani (Nobles ’03) – such a fine young man, doing good things

 (and his Aunt Shirin, who was so welcoming and generous to us in Mumbai).

Biking in Munnar with Ansal  –  


Maneesha, who runs a great travel agency and a peaceful property, Kayal, on an island in the Backwaters (we had great meditation, yoga, and kalari instruction from her teachers) –

The place: we will miss the beauty and power and uniqueness of Kerala –



 (tiny lights on the horizon are fishing boats)

Off to Laos to see the elephant preserve, caves, waterfalls, the Mekong, and all of the other cool stuff that David encouraged us to see and do!! 



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