In Beijing

Well, it’s a bit chillier in China than in Laos and a wee bit more crowded. We couldn’t feel more welcomed than by our warm, friendly host from Beijing 57 (a highschool in Beijing Nobles has a partnership with), Cherry, and ZhiJun Li, a Nobles parent, global entrepreneur, and now generous friend. 

In the last twenty-four hours we have eaten delicious food, had engaging conversations, visited the Dandelion School, and seen the National Museum. On the horizon is an evening concert at the National Theater, a visit to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, a day at Beijing 57 (where Ben will  be signing the formal partnership agreement), a day at Beijing Normal University, the best university for teacher education in China, and then off for an amazing ten days in Tibet with ZhiJun!

All is well in China:             

(a painting in the National Museum)

At the Dandelion School:

ZhiJun with a student from the Dandelion School:


Out and about:  

Stabucks is ubiquitous.

Thanks for looking, reading, and caring about us!


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