Still in Sapporo

How warmly we have been welcomed into this beautiful part of Japan on Hokkaido Island! We are so thankful to Mr. Nakamaru for setting up our exceptional homestays with the Chiba and Takahashi families and our wonderful conversations with Mr. Kimura and Mrs. Sakai and her daughter, Manna. We had a great day hiking with Mr. Nakamaru today.
And Ben and I are loving the Japanese cuisine!
We leave on Friday for San Francisco to see Amy, Ben’s sister, and some friends in the area and back to Boston on the red eye on Sunday night.
Here are a few recent images:
Our new friends, Mrs. Sakai and her daughter, Manna, who attends Hokkaido University::
The Takahashi family:
Our day of fly fishing, hot springs, and delicious food:

Spending time at S.I.T., our partner school in Sapporo:
faculty office area –
In front of their Nobles bulletin board –
In and around Sapporo today:
Lush greenness everywhere:
Stumbling upon a Shinto blessing preparation:

Tomorrow we look forward to a brass band performance and tea ceremony before we leave this special place.
Nearly homeward bound…


12 thoughts on “Still in Sapporo

  1. Hi Sarah and Ben,
    It has been a wonderful experience following the blog. It must be surreal to think that you are nearing the end and will be back in the US in a few days. Safe trip home.
    See you both very soon.

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    • Hi Kelly! I have a little Cannon powershot – such a good small camera! Just lost all our photos from Laos & China though in iPad mini snafu – sad but far from tragic…Let’s get together this summer. Vermont? xoxo


  2. Ben and Sarah,

    Thanks for enabling me to travel the world while sitting here at my laptop here in cold and rainy Maine. I enjoyed it and am grateful for your extra effort to help the rest of us see the world.

    Bob Stuart

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I cannot believe your incredible journey is coming to an end… I will miss reading your blog. I have enjoyed discovering parts of the world through your amazing photos and your beautiful writing. Enjoy your last few days in Japan and have a safe trip back to the U.S.
    A bientot.

    Liked by 1 person

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