Sapporo Send Off

We leave this special place so filled with gratitude for our  many welcoming, new friends at SIT. What a lovely send off; first a performance of Stevie Wonder songs by the brass band, ending with a moving song that is a tribute to the victims of the 2011 earthquake by the band and the chorus:


Then a Tea Cermony performed by these lovely young ladies:


And a quick trip to the top of the impressive ski jump of the 1972 Sapporo Olympics:

And on the train to the airport hotel, all of this and more thanks to the diligence and kindness of Mr. Nakamaru:

On the plane in an hour!


4 thoughts on “Sapporo Send Off

  1. It was such a short visit that you could not see all of things in Sapporo and
    SIT. But it had been a great honor to have you here! Many thanks for your compliments and have a safe trip to your home country.

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  2. To the homeward-bound Sarah and Ben: We have LOVED this blog. Thank you for keeping us so informed and “with you” during your amazing adventures and explorations. We can’t wait to see you!

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